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When you envision Habitat for Humanity, images of home builds, dedicated volunteers, and thriving communities likely come to mind. We encompass all these elements and more. Since our establishment in 1994, we have tirelessly engaged in constructing, rehabilitating, and repairing homes while revitalizing neighborhoods across Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas Counties.

Our mission revolves around the belief that homes are fundamental building blocks for families and communities. Beyond construction, we prioritize home repairs to ensure sustainable living conditions, fostering an environment where individuals can age in place with peace of mind.

Currently, our ambitious goal is to construct 20 homes, repair 50 homes, and enhance 10 neighborhoods through revitalization programs over the next 5 years. While this may seem ambitious, it is a goal that will profoundly impact our entire community.


How We Achieve This:

  1. Homeownership Opportunities: We extend the opportunity of homeownership to individuals and families who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. This initiative strengthens our community by providing stability through homeownership.

  2. Critical Repair Program: For qualified homeowners unable to afford crucial home repairs, our program steps in to increase the lifespan of homes and allows homeowners to live comfortably, fostering peace of mind.


Our aim is to construct not only lasting homes but also strong relationships and healthy neighborhoods. Through partnerships, community involvement, and unwavering passion for our mission, we are committed to achieving our 5-year goal.

Whether erecting a single house or reimagining an entire streetscape, we consider ourselves integral to the neighborhood. As our mission states, "Habitat brings people together," collaborating with individuals from all walks of life to develop thriving communities.


We invite you to join us in continuing our successful journey in making Central Texas even stronger. Together, we can build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

Mission Statement

Seeking to put God's love into action, Fort Hood Area  Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope through housing solutions of home ownership, community development, and home repair.

Vision Statement

A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Myths and Facts about Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity:

Myth 1: Habitat for Humanity only builds homes; they don't repair them.

Fact: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to both constructing new homes and providing critical repairs for existing ones. We believe in enhancing the overall living conditions within our communities.

Myth 2: Only low-income families benefit from Habitat for Humanity programs.

Fact: While our focus is on providing affordable housing solutions, our programs, such as critical repairs, benefit a diverse range of homeowners who may be facing financial constraints.

Myth 3: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity is solely a construction organization.

Fact: We are more than just builders. Our holistic approach involves neighborhood revitalization, fostering relationships, and working with communities to create lasting positive impacts.

Myth 4: The organization only serves Bell County.

Fact: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity serves Bell, Coryell, Falls, Milam, and Lampasas Counties, working to address housing needs and community development across a broader region.

Myth 5: Only skilled construction workers can volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Fact: Volunteers from all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome. Whether you're a seasoned builder or have no construction experience, there are opportunities for everyone to contribute.

Myth 6: You have to be a homeowner to be involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Fact: Our mission encourages participation from all members of the community, whether you're a potential homeowner, volunteer, or supporter. Everyone plays a role in building stronger communities.

Myth 7: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity only focuses on building houses.

Fact: We emphasize long-term impact through initiatives like our 5-year goal to construct homes, repair existing ones, and revitalize neighborhoods, aiming for comprehensive community development.

Myth 8: The organization is solely funded by government grants.

Fact: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity relies on a combination of funding sources, including individual donations, corporate sponsorships, and community partnerships. Government grants are just one aspect of our financial support.

Myth 9: Only families with children benefit from the Habitat for Humanity program.

Fact: Our programs cater to a diverse range of individuals and families, recognizing that stable housing is a universal need. We aim to create housing solutions for everyone in our community.

Myth 10: Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity's impact is limited to housing.

Fact: Our organization's influence extends beyond housing projects; we contribute to the overall well-being of communities, fostering stability, self-reliance, and a sense of belonging through shelter.

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