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On November 30th we are turning Giving Tuesday into "Giving RoofsDay"!

Why Giving Roofsday? 

It comes full-circle, and here's how: 

A Roof is one of the most critical parts of a home. A roof protects a family from rain, wind, hail, and other elements. It also provides insulation necessary in keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A good roof can keep energy costs low. These lower energy costs can give families more financial flexibility which result in a boost to our local economy. 

We currently have 19 families in our Homeownership Program. Our families are paying up to $1,200 in rent and have little leftover for necessities and entertainment. Something like an oil change can impact their monthly budget in a big way. Through our Homeownership Program, we are giving them an opportunity to own their own home and reduce their housing costs by nearly 40%. This gives them the ability to boost our local economy by having financial flexibility to service their vehicles, buy school supplies, and take their kids to dinner and a movie, all while building equity in their future. 

Still, why a roof? 

The roof is the second largest cost of a new home build, second to the foundation. This cost averages 10% of the total cost of the home. By lowering the cost to build the home, we gain the ability to offer our homeowners a lower housing payment. 


You can do your part this Giving RoofsDay by helping us reach our goal of a new roof for one of our homeowners through matched funds. Every ONE can make a difference toward reaching our goal of $5,000!!

Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy to give with three different ways!
1. Text "Roof" to 833-931-8888
2. Give using the button below

3. Scan the QR Code on the right

Join us as we turn Giving Tuesday into "Giving RoofsDay".


As a BONUS: The first 20 donors to give $20 or more between now and Giving RoofsDay, December 1st, will receive a Habitat T-Shirt!

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