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Celebrating 30 years of service!

Thank you for letting us serve you!

This March marks not only our three-decade milestone of dedicated service to Bell, Coryell, and Lampasas counties in Texas but also a joyous celebration of over 130 homes meticulously crafted, exceeding 300 home repairs, ramps, and grab bar installations, along with our unwavering commitment to two impactful disaster relief initiatives.

Our achievements are not solitary endeavors; they are the result of a harmonious collaboration between our passionate team and the invaluable support from dedicated volunteers and generous donors who share our vision and mission.

We need your help!

As we reflect on our accomplishments, we are inspired to continue making a positive difference in the years to come. However, to achieve our ambitious goals and extend our reach even further, we need your support.


Join us in our mission to raise $300,000 this year, empowering us to construct 30 homes for individuals and families in need. Your contribution will not only fund the physical structures but also provide the foundation for countless dreams and aspirations. Together, let's make the dream of home ownership a reality for those seeking shelter, stability, and a brighter future. Every dollar brings us one step closer to building homes and creating lasting positive change in our communities. Be a part of this impactful journey by supporting our fundraising goal today.


Our Goals


An essential retaining wall, measuring approximately 210 feet, is set to be constructed. This vital structure aims to establish a stable foundation, ensuring the homes remain secure and steadfast. Beyond fortifying the integrity of the foundations, the wall will significantly enhance safety measures and improve drainage in the area.


Upon the successful construction of the retaining wall, two families are now poised to occupy their finished homes, while the third residence, currently just a foundation slab, is now ready for completion and occupancy.

Untitled design (3).png

Raising $300,000 as a small nonprofit is a challenging yet achievable
endeavor, especially with the unwavering support of our generous
donors and dedicated volunteers who are propelling us closer to our
goal each day. Our vision extends beyond the essential retaining wall
and the properties at the Northside Drive community—we aspire to
construct an additional 30 homes. This means welcoming 30 more families and individuals from central Texas into the                                                                                                 embrace of secure and genuine homes. These are                                                                                                 not merely houses but sanctuaries where memories                                                                                          are crafted and traditions take root. Every dollar raised in                                                                                       this campaign is dedicated solely to funding the                                                                                                                     construction of the retaining wall, completing the Northside Drive community, and perpetuating the construction of homes for our homeownership program. Together, we are not just building structures; we are building futures and fostering a sense of belonging for those in need.

What you can do to help


Scan or click the QR code to access our donation page, where your contribution can help us achieve our mission of positively impacting the lives of families in need throughout 2024.

Get your 2024 Supporter Pin today!


Seize this unique opportunity! With your donation of $30 or more, be among the first 100 generous supporters to receive an exclusive, serialized Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity Supporter Pin. This special pin, meticulously designed by our dedicated staff, represents your commitment to our mission in 2024. Wear it with pride as a symbol of your support. Remember, only 100 of these distinctive pins are available—once they're gone, they're truly gone. Don't delay, make a difference today!


2024 Supporter Pin

2024 Supporter Pin
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