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5/14/2023 - 5/19/2023

National Service Blitz
Three "branches" of Habitat service joining forces to honor our veterans and impact Central Texans.

Our affiliate is thrilled to be hosting a week-long inaugural military-focused event in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International’s Habitat AmeriCorps program and Veterans Build Initiative! This effort is expected to bring over 300+ Habitat representatives and volunteers from affiliates across all 50 states to our Central Texas Community to make a lasting impact. 

“National Service Blitz” will take place the week leading up to National Armed Forces Day as a celebration of national and military service and to bring attention to the issues of safe, affordable housing in the U.S. Roughly 200 AmeriCorps members and 100 Veterans Build volunteers will serve alongside veterans to collectively impact the local community’s housing needs.

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Habitat Veterans Build representatives and AmeriCorps members joining forces to impact Central Texas with their hands, heads, and hearts. 

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