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Your donation today adds a brick to our
Wall of Remembrance. Each brick added
represents one person, family, or business
that has not forgotten those who are actively deployed.
Click below to donate and have your support added to
our wall. Together we can build something great to show
our support of those that go so far from home to protect it.

Have your personal or business name added to our Honor Wall!

Make a donation of 100 bricks or more, and we will have the your name or business engraved, and added to our Honor Wall. 

We remember those that serve far from home at events we host through community partnerships and the support of our volunteer force.
Here are events we have planned that we would love for you to attend or volunteer at.

Sept. 8

Lee Crossley Veteran Community Revitalization Project

Clicking an event with volunteer opportunities will take you to the volunteer sign up page, or you can contact our volunteer coordinator at 254-554-0923.

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