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Critical Home Repair

Using a person-centered, trauma-informed approach, Fort Hood Area Habitat works with homeowners in need of critical home repairs to provide affordable solutions to those in need of assistance. We serve homes owned and occupied by residents of Bell, Coryell, Milam, Falls, and Lampasas Counties.

Examples of critical home repairs include:

  - home accessibility modifications

  - plumbing

  - electric

  - roofing

  - HVAC

  - foundation

  - roofing

  - weatherization

  - roofing

and any other general repairs that impact the livable conditions of the home.

Please know that this is not an emergency repair program, the process usually takes several months to complete.
Once a completed questionnaire has been returned to our office, a member of our team will review the packet for eligibility and contact the homeowner with the next steps in our qualification process. 

Eligible homeowners will agree to a scope of work prepared by our repair coordinator after assessing the home for what is critically needed. 


Program Qualifications:

  • You MUST OWN THE HOME AND LAND where the repairs are being made.

  • You MUST CURRENTLY OCCUPY the home where the repairs are being made.

  • You or a member of your household MUST HAVE A CRITICAL NEED that makes the repairs necessary.

  • Your household must meet the Area Median Income limits.

  • You MUST BE CURRENT on your property taxes (or have proof of payment arrangement with your county tax office. 

Your role in Critical Home Repair

Willingness to partner: 

After your application has been approved for our program, you will sign our repair agreement before we begin estimating the cost to repair your home. This document includes a 5-year residency agreement to ensure that you will remain in your home for at least five years after the completion of your repairs. The intention of our program is to provide sustainable living conditions and allow families to age in place. 

Ability to pay: 
Some of our grants may require a partial payback arrangement between FHAHFH and the client. Don't worry, we will discuss repayment arrangements for a percentage of the repair before we start scheduling your repairs, and payment will not be due until your home repairs are complete. 

Adhering to the Repair Agreement: 
As you move forward through our program you will sign several documents pertaining to your role in our program. We expect our clients to respect the agreement in place. Failure to comply with our agreement can result in your removal from our program. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

NRI is a program allowing Habitat affiliates to serve more families, by using our construction and volunteer knowledge to repair and revitalize existing homes. 

In addition to building new, affordable homes for Habitat families, FHA Habitat seeks to build communities by working with existing homeowners to repair and rehabilitate homes.  We partner with volunteers, donors, and homeowners to broaden our community impact. The end result will make a strong visible impact and help transform our community.

Projects include painting, external repair work, building or repairing porches/ramps, landscaping, neighborhood clean-up, beautification, and many more tasks.

The NRI initiative is currently seeking funding, homeowners in our service area, volunteers, and community partnerships.

Please contact Pam Wilson for more information via email at or phone at 254-554-0923.

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