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House Sponsorship

Sponsor a Habitat House

We want to emphasize partnership between house sponsors, partner families, and Habitat’s volunteers and staff. Our partnership is more than building houses. As we work together, we’ll build relationships, meet new friends, and learn new skills. Together we’ll make a significant difference in the lives of families in need and in the neighborhoods where they will live for years to come.

Levels of Involvement

With A House Sponsorship You Can . . .

Raise the Roof
Fund construction and frame a house in one Raise the Roof weekend. The sponsor recruits 60 volunteers (20 per day). Habitat volunteers complete the house.

Whole House Build
Fund construction and build the entire house over a 14–to–16–week period, working two days a week. The sponsor must recruit a construction coordinator, who will work with Habitat’s house leader to supervise 240 volunteers (10 people two days each week until the house is completed). The construction coordinator should be on site every time the sponsor group is working.

Funding Only

The sponsor will fund construction; Habitat will recruit volunteer crews to build the house.

Partial house sponsorships are also available.
To learn more about house sponsorship opportunities, contact Kristin Hannibal, at or (254)392-2037.
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