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Family Services & Fundraising

Family Advocate

A Family Advocate is a volunteer that serves on the Family Advocate Committee (FAC) and works directly with an approved Homebuyer in conjunction with Habitat staff and other volunteers.  Family Advocates report to the Director of Family Services and Outreach.  The mission of the FAC committee is to provide one-on-one support to each Homebuyer and to appropriately help address needs before, during, and after construction of homes.

The following is a brief description of what a Family Advocate does:


1. Participate with Homebuyer in a homeowner education program.

  • Assist FAC in developing curriculum

  • Attend monthly workshops with Homebuyer

  • Attend meetings with Homebuyer as announced

2. Provide transportation (as needed) for Homebuyer to pertinent meetings. 

3. Organize and facilitate details of Ground Blessings and Dedications.

  • Confirm dates of these events with Homebuyer to ensure participation

  • Enlist help of other Habitat volunteers as needed for program personnel

  • Work with Habitat staff to ensure program is printed and is available at the events

4. Provide support to partner families before, during, and after construction of home.


  • Help Homebuyer earn hours by reporting direct communication, attending meetings with the Homebuyer, and working on site (when appropriate) with the Homebuyer

  • Attend Design Conference with Homebuyer and assist with decisions when requested

  • Attend closing with Homebuyer

  • Make contact with Homebuyer during month of first year anniversary to assess overall well-being

5. Serve as an informed representative of the agency to the community by being aware of Habitat’s mission and other pertinent information related to the Family Advocate Committee.


To become a Family Advocate or to learn more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Pam Wilson, at (254)554-0923 or

Please fill out our committee interest sheet here.

Family Selection Committee

The Family Selection Committee establishes eligibility criteria, screens questionnaires, processes applications, makes home visits and recommends qualified families to Habitat’s Board of Directors for approval as Homebuyers.


The following is a brief description of what a Family Selection member does:


1. Attend meetings regularly


2. Determine which applicants will become prospective Homebuyers


  • Review applications, check references, review credit reports, calculate affordability ratios

3. Conduct home visits with qualified applicants (with another committee member)

  • Review presentation worksheets and income-to-expense ratios, explain sweat equity and answer questions


4. Present applications to the committee for a vote of approval or denial


5. Attend ground blessings when able, and present key plaques at house dedications of Homebuyers that they have processed


6. Recruit additional committee members and assist prospective committee members in learning policies and procedures


7. Time commitment: First Thursday of each month (January-November) from 5:30-7:00 p.m.



  • Demonstrate interest in Habitat for Humanity’s mission

  • Compassionate, listening skills, non-judgmental, empathetic

  • Willing to be engaged as an active committee member

  • Basic computer skills




  • An orientation and training session of Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity will be given by to all new members by staff and experienced committee members. Ongoing training is part of the application review process at each meeting.


To become a member of the Family Selection Committee or to learn more information, please contact our Development Director Melissa Cates at (254)554-0923 or

Please fill out our committee interest sheet here.

Fundraising Committee

This is the "queen bee"; committee.  Everything FHA Habitat does starts and ends with fundraising.  Everyone on our team gets involved with this committee in one way or another.  Whether you help with our grant writing team, participate in the planning of our "Home & Garden Show", plan and assist our Flight Basketball fundraiser, or help run our ReStore, there is a place for you.

Assist in creating awareness and promoting Habitat programs.

  • Help organize and implement fundraising campaigns and programs.

  • Assist in planning and public relations aspects of special fundraising events.

  • Establish and maintain a donor recognition system.

  • Identify and cultivate major business supporters.

To become a member of the Fundraising Committee or to learn more information, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Antoinette Meyreles at (254)423-2447 or

Please fill out our committee interest sheet here.


Required volunteer training is available online:    

Go To:

Password: W8NAEBTG


1.) You Are Exposed: General Affiliate Safety

2.)Restore Safety & Loss Control

3.)Fall Safety

**Note - If you plan to volunteer on the job site you also need to complete:  

4.) Volunteering On the Job Site

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